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General Industry Solutions

Working Solutions® offers a variety of chemical products to many facets of general industry.

Cleaners and Degreasers

  • Solukleen® 5117 - a water based degreaser for use on all metals from full strength up to a 1:200 dilution factor. 
  • Solvall Citrus - a solvent based degreaser for use on all metals to remove heavy metal working fluids and rust preventatives. This product needs to be cleaned off before further finishing.  
  • Solution®   Brand and SuperMulse® Brand products also are available with job matched cleaning power. Sol-Al® Brand products clean, deoxidize, and conversion coat aluminum and magnesium.

Phosphate Coatings

  • Solucoat 5047 - a microcrystalline zinc phosphate for use on ferrous metals for a gray to charcoal gray smooth finish. 
  • Solucoat 5037 J - a heavy manganese phosphate for charcoal gray to jet black finishes on ferrous metals.

Rust Preventative Oils

  • Soloil® 173-3 - a water-displacing oil that will dry-to-touch on parts, provides up to two years indoor protection. 
  • Soloil® 5066 Plus - a water displacing thixotropic oil for years of outdoor storage or export shipment.

Coolants for Machining, Drilling, and Grinding

  • Solucool® Brand products are synthetic, semisynthetic, and water emulsifiable oil coolants useful for various machining, drilling, grinding, broaching, and honing operations on various metals

Rust Inhibitors for short to medium term corrosion protection 

  • Soluhib® Brand products are water soluble, and in the majority of cases, workplace safe and environmentally friendly products for the short to medium term inhibition of corrosion.  

Brighteners (deoxidizers) for aluminum and stainless steel

  • Solubrite® Brand products

Protective conversion coatings for aluminum, magnesium, and zinc

  • Solugold® Brand products

Paint and powder coating removers (paint strippers) for tough to remove coatings

  • Solustrip Brand products