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Precision Cleaning Solvents

We at Working Solutions have an extensive library of job-matched formulas for precision cleaning solvents that meet tough U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), State regulatory requirements (TNRCC and DEQ for example, among others), and can formulate products for local Fire Marshall or Regulatory compliance.  We offer solvents that are Montreal Protocol and SNAP compliant, and high flash point solvents for fire safety as well.

Among other products we offer:

Degreasers (Degreasing Solvents) for removal of heavy grease, carbon, pipe dope, lubricants from all metals 

Pre-Paint Wipe Solvents for removal of stamping, drawing, and other oils & coolants from all metals with your desired evaporation rate and flash point

Vapor Degreasing Solvents for use in vapor degreasing machines or for use in spray or wipe cleaning to meet aerospace and clean room levels of precision cleaning for all industries, including electronics.

Fast Drying (Fast Evaporative) Solvents for spray, wipe and immersion cleaning both pre-paint and/or as a part of in process manufacturing

Residue Free Solvents for precision cleaning of electronic, elastomer (rubber) bonding, medical, and other high value metal parts