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Liquid heavy manganese phosphate

Solucoat 5037 J

Manganese phosphate designed for dip phosphating of iron and steel, where heavy coatings are required.

Cleaning parts by abrasive blasting, alkaline soak cleaner, or acidic scale conditioner prior to phosphating

These coatings are suitable for impregnation with oils, or other lubricants, for friction resistance, and to assist in "break-in" of bearing surfaces.  SOLUCOAT 5037J is particularly suited to production of such coatings on high carbon and hard alloy steels.  This product conforms to MIL spec DOD-P-16232, Type M. Typical coating weights will be in the 2,000 - 3,500 mg/ft2 range when used as directed.
Form: Liquid
Color: Dark Green
pH: Acidic (typical operating pH of 2.0-3.0)

Equipment: Stainless steel tanks and heating coils are recommended.
Concentration: 7 - 10% by volume.
Temperature: 200 - 210oF.
Clean parts by abrasive blasting, alkaline soak cleaner, or acidic scale conditioner prior to phosphating.  Cleaning must be such that no water break is observed when parts are held under cold running water.  Rinse thoroughly.  Immerse the clean parts in the SOLUCOAT 5037J bath for a sufficient length of time to produce the desired coating.  Ordinarily, this will be for 10-30 minutes.  Rinse parts immediately in cold water for not less than 60 seconds.  Follow immediately with a final chromated or non-chromated rinse or an oil dip.

SOLUCOAT 5037J is an acidic product.  Avoid contact with skin or eyes.  If contact should occur, flush well with water.  Contact physician for eyes


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