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Liquid cleaner / iron phosphate

Solucoat 5039 Special

Liquid amorphous phosphate prepaint preparation to treat mixed runs of metal at low temperatures.

Treating mixed runs of steel, aluminum, and galvanized steel at low temperatures

Here in one convenient package . . . is a liquid amorphous phosphate prepaint preparation specially formulated to save fuel and cut processing costs by treating mixed runs of metal at low temperatures.

SOLUCOAT 5039 SPECIAL does it easily.

This liquid, 3-stage spray applied material simultaneously cleans and conversion coats mixed production runs of steel, aluminum and galvanized steel.  And SOLUCOAT 5039 SPECIAL performs with excellent results in the energy efficient temperature range of from 21o to 49 degrees C (70 degrees to 120 degrees F) (do not operate over 170 degrees F).  Compared with the 60 degrees C (140 degrees F) temperature usually required in the prepaint phosphate treatment of metals, it's no wonder that using SOLUCOAT 5039 SPECIAL can lower your fuel bill substantially.  Moreover, you also cut material costs, wastage and man-hours because you're cleaning and phosphating mixed runs of metal in one line - at one time.

SOLUCOAT 5039 SPECIAL combines powerful cleaning agents with soil-seeking detergents.  Together, they quickly penetrate and easily remove normal fabricating soils - including most oils.  In this way, the material provides the excellent cleaning so essential to the proper preparation of metal surfaces prior to painting with the new water-borne coatings.  And because SOLUCOAT 5039 SPECIAL is a low-foaming formulation, it can be spray applied at low temperatures without a defoamant.

In the same application, the prepaint preparation develops a uniform, continuous conversion coating with a minimum weight of 30 - 50 mg/ft2.  This amorphous coating guards the treated metal surfaces against corrosion and improves the adhesion of any finish subsequently applied by electrocoating, powder coating, spray or dip.  Most important, the material cleans and conditions mixed runs of metal at temperatures as low as 21 degrees C (70 degrees F).

SOLUCOAT 5039 SPECIAL meets or exceeds Federal and Military specifications as follows:  TT-C-490B, Type II and MIL-C-46487, Type I and II (5 stages mandatory).

SOLUCOAT 5039 SPECIAL is ideal for the manufacturer who wants to develop a quality phosphate coating at a money- and energy-savings low temperature.  The tight paint bond provided by this coating allows development of a finish that not only lasts longer but looks better.  Thus, SOLUCOAT 5039 SPECIAL enhances the well deserved reputation of Working Solutions' entire line of phosphate treatment materials for developing longer-lasting, better looking finishes.  These finishes make SOLUCOAT 5039 SPECIAL the preferred quality prepaint phosphating process.
Provides long solution life with little or no sludging
Furnishes solutions with good tolerance for hard water, high tolerance for soil build-up
Promotes working efficiency by keeping down heat and humidity in summer
Protects metal equipment surfaces from corrosion by keeping down humidity the year round
Is easily and automatically metered through modern equipment available from Working Solutions

To enjoy the full benefits from using SOLUCOAT 5039 SPECIAL, the spray washing machine must be properly conditioned prior to application.

If the washer is new, circulate a 1/4 to 1/2 of 1% solution of the material through all stages for two to three hours, maintaining a temperature between 21 degrees and 38 degrees C (70 degrees and 100 degrees F).  Then, dump the conditioning solution and recharge the machine with SOLUCOAT 5039 SPECIAL for the production run.

If the washer was previously charged with alkaline solutions, flush unit thoroughly with water, then circulate a 2 to 5% solution of RUSTKLEEN 5076 for about one hour.  Rinse and follow procedure for conditioning new machine.

SOLUCOAT 5039 SPECIAL is used at 2 - 3% by volume with water at 1200 - 1300 F (do not operate over 170 degrees F).

If the machine was previously charged with acidic or solvent solutions, rinse unit thoroughly, then follow procedure for conditioning new machine.

Remove any rust or scale in the machine with RUSTKLEEN 5076, applied at 5 to 10% by volume.  Rinse, then follow procedure for conditioning new machine.

If washer was previously used for iron or zinc phosphating, clean with a 3 to 5% solution of RUSTKLEEN 5081 at 71oC (160 degrees F), circulated three hours.  Follow with rinse, adding enough RUSTKLEEN 5076 to obtain a neutral pH.  Then, follow procedure for conditioning a new machine.
Before starting the operation, make sure all of the machine's spray jets and nozzles are in good working condition.

For normal cleaning/conditioning with the phosphating material, a simple 3-stage procedure is followed in the pressure spray washer or vat.  The normal working temperature range is from 21o 
to 49 degrees C (70 degrees to 120 degrees F).  The pH at working concentrations ranges from 4.0 to 5.0 with an optimum of 4.0.  Where increased detergency is desired, SOLUKLEEN ENHANCER may be added up to 1/2% by volume of the working solution.  Processing in SOLUCOAT 5039 SPECIAL  should always be followed by a fresh water rinse to remove unreacted chemical and any contaminants loosened in cleaning.

For the final acidified rinse in the third stage, SOLUCOAT 5038 or SOLUCOAT NC Rinse (non-chromic) is recommended to improve the corrosion resistance of the phosphate coating.

Stainless steel 316 or 304 ELC holding tanks and heating coils are preferred but ordinary steel or black iron equipment may be used.  Ask your local Working Solutions' Technical Sales Representative for specific recommendations.


The information contained in this bulletin is, to our best knowledge, true and accurate, but all recommendations or suggestions are made without guarantee, since the conditions of use are beyond our control.  Working Solutions, Inc. makes no express or implied warranties in these data or suggestions including no implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose and disclaims any liability incurred in connection with their use.