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Coolants & Engineered Solutions For Metal Machining Operations

Working Solutions offers a variety of engineered solutions for all metal machining operations (for example: honing, broaching, grinding, drilling, sawing, polishing, and any C.N.C. machining operations) that are designed to be worker friendly, environmentally safe, and non-flammable. These products also find application in hydro-testing (hydrostatic testing) of equipment and piping products that must withstand high pressures, and our products for these applications have built-in corrosion inhibitors to assure rust free parts are delivered to later production steps or to your Customer.

To promote a safer workplace and environment Working Solutions offers fully synthetic coolants that contain NO petroleum oils or distillates of any kind, yet offer superior lubricity, long sump life, excellent high pressure tolerance, and long tool life. This product line also contains built-in rust inhibitors.

WSI also has a long history of providing excellent semi-synthetic coolants (contain some petroleum or plant oil constituents) that offer maximal lubricity and great tooling life, with rust inhibition as an extra bonus. Our newest offerings in these areas are based on plant oils that are renewable, sustainable, and environmentally and worker friendly!

Working Solutions also offers water soluble cutting oils (also known as water emulsifiable cutting oils) for the toughest sawing and grinding operations.  These products give maximal tooling life and offer good indoor rust prevention as an added benefit.

Contact us now to find out how we can save your Company money by improving efficiency, reducing insert and tool consumption, improve the finish of your parts, and leave you with a safer workplace and less environmental impact.