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Rust Removers & Rust Converters

Rust never sleeps!  Rust and corrosion in their many forms are a multibillion dollar per year global problem.  We at Working Solutions are firmly committed to offering industry leading, cost effective, worker friendly, ecologically sound rust removers, corrosion removers, mill scale removers, and rust converters for all types of applications and metal types.

Rust, corrosion, and scale removers can be alkaline or acidic, and can be applied (depending on the job requirements and substrate) at room temperature or heated with water.  These products can be liquid or powdered in form.

Rust converters prepare rusted metal to be painted and provide a way of "neutralizing" rust to help temporarily arrest its progress.

Acid rust removers are quick, efficient, and frequently don't have to be heated above room temperature.  They also are suitable for use on aircraft parts, pipes, large assemblies (without disassembly), and in many cases don't require any expensive equipment for application.

Alkaline rust removers are usually heated to accelerate the removal process, and can also incorporate ingredients for cleaning, degreasing, and paint removal.  They are perfect for parts and substrates that cannot tolerate any risk of metal pitting, changes in machining tolerances, or hydrogen embrittlement.

Please contact us today so our Technical Service and Engineering staff can help you analyze your particular application, and we will help determine which technology is right for your needs.