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Multistage Process Phosphate Systems

Working Solutions manufactures multi stage coating processes for a variety of part sizes, configurations, and load capacities.  These systems are ideal for high volume production runs and when hand cleaning or blasting is not an option.  These systems can include individual tanks for corrosion removal, cleaning, pickling, phosphate coating, rust preventative oils, sealants, and numerous rinse stages.

We offer several options which are not limited to....

  • Gas, Electric, or Steam Heated
  • Insulation 
  • Lids
  • Counter-Flow Rinsing
  • Drainage Manifolds with Holding Sumps
  • Secondary Containment Units
  • Programmable 24/7 Timers
  • Agitation Modules
  • Filtration
  • Skimmers
  • Operator Catwalks 
  • Automatic Level Control
  • Overhead Material Handling
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