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Working Solutions uses its extensive portfolio of Research and Development assets to  design and formulate products to meet tough requirements to provide health, safety,  and environmental compliance in innovative products that:    
  1. Lower exposure of workers to hazardous solvents and chemicals. 
  2. Reduce fire hazards by elevating or eliminating Flash Points. 
  3.  Reduce costs and improve safety through being concentrated and  water dilutable. 
  4. Lower content of V.O.C.s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and H.A.P.s (Hazardous Air Pollutants) which are reportable to local, state, and federal governments. 
  5. Conserve energy by requiring lower operating temperatures. 
  6. Utilize biodegradable surfactants and builders wherever possible to reduce Environmental Impact. 
  7. Replace costly and polluting petroleum solvents and oils with naturally occurring, renewably sourced, ingredients from plants. 
  8. Use ingredients that readily biodegrade in the presence of naturally occurring bacterial strains and sell products that contain bacterial strains to biodegrade grease and oil in used, spent products. 
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