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Miscellaneous Products

Improve your workplace productivity and safety today by considering the following products for use in your Company:

  1. Anti-Spatter Compound for Welding use (water based and contains a rust inhibitor) 
  2. Copper Coating chemicals (to impart an API recommended and approved anti-galling treatment for steel parts, performed at room temperature and the process is electroless)  
  3. Defoamers (and anti-foam compounds) for use with detergents in spray washers, that are alkaline & acid stable, and can also be sued in floor scrubbers, waste water processes, cooling towers, or any place where uncontrolled foaming is a problem 
  4. Automotive Detail & Cleaning products and supplies from carwash to wheel cleaners, and even including waxes and brushes 
  5. Heat Transfer Fluids: Both all types of Glycol solutions and heat transfer oils and heat transfer silanes - specially designed to handle high temperatures and control oxidation while maximizing energy efficiency.  More bang for the BTU! 
  6. Leak Detector Fluids (bubble fluid) designed for detecting leaks in vessels and containers during industrial processing - biodegradable and non-hazardous (as supplied)     
  7. Waste Water Treatment and WasteWater recycling chemistry to quickly and efficiently treat many sorts of industrial waste prior to permitted release or reuse
  8. Phosphate Coating Evaluation Chemical Process Test Kits, Lab Equipment, Drum Pumps 
  9. Chemical Resistant Transfer Pumps