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Working Solutions offers a variety of state of the art phosphate and non-phosphate conversion coatings for pre-paint, pre-coating, or anti-galling & anticorrosion applications:

Iron Phosphate:  Both low temperature (~120 F) and room temperature (~70 F.) cleaner/iron phosphate products for steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, and galvalume are offered.  These products can be applied by spray washer or immersion tank.  We also offer coatings that utilize nanotechnology and non-iron phosphate that uses titanium or vanadium in lieu of iron or other regulated metals.

Zinc Phosphate:  Pre-paint zinc phosphate, heavy zinc phosphate, and microcrystalline zinc phosphate are all available.  Our newest offering from our R&D Laboratory efforts is our nickel-free microcrystalline zinc phosphate.  These products are the energy efficient equal of any in the industry.

Manganese Phosphate:  WSI offers the heaviest, most anticorrosive class of phosphate coatings with good bath life and excellent antigalling characteristics.

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